Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Food and a possible run

My youngest child has the RAGE recently, and it attacks early in the morning and late at night, so although I was planning on the gym this morning, it didn't happen because I didn't want to leave my husband to deal with the RAGE all on his own.

One good thing about making Carson's lunch every night (which I typically despise, until right now when I thought of a "pro" as opposed to my normal list of "cons" to doing it) is that while I'm in the kitchen making his lunch, I tend to make my own lunch (might as well kill two birds with one stone!). It's not so easy to make excuses to make my lunch when I'm right there making his.

I'm using up all the food that's in our fridge before doing another grocery run, so it was a bit of randomness.

Spinach salad, tomato salsa and hummus. And not pictured are the rice crackers I have in my drawer here at work.

Also I got an email from our city councillor about a run happening in my quite little town of Stittsville, called 9 Run Run. It's taking place this Saturday and it supports DIFD (Do it for Daron) and in light of what happened over the weekend (which I cry each time i read an article about), it feels right to be running for such an important cause.

Now, wait a second, a 10K run? I haven't been running! I haven't been walking! Well, I have been, but not in any capacity that I should be in order to run a 10K.

But - I can do it. I don't really care about my time, I just care about participating in the run, and I feel it may be the spark I need to ignite my running flame once again.

So, come Saturday morning I'll be running a 10K and hoping I survive.

4 people had this to say:

Sasha said...

That story was heart breaking. The parents did everything right! It's scary to think that there's only so much you can do to protect your kids.

Teresa said...

Hope your little guy is feeling better soon. All the best with the 10K, you can do it.

Julie said...

Sucks for Beckett ... hope it passes soon. Read that story about the boy from Kanata. Society sucks. I feel for him, for his family and friends. :-(

Anonymous said...

We have RAGE here too (parallel lives, right?!).

I will be at that finish line on Saturday (in spirit), waiting to give you a giant high-five and hug!