Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting my sweat-on

I just posted something on twitter along the lines of "I'm a better version of me when I workout first thing in the morning"

It's true. When I'm planning on hitting the gym in the morning, I make sure I make my lunch the night before, pack a breakfast and get to sleep early(-ish). Then I go to the 6am class, get ready and am at my desk at work at 7:30. To me it's the ideal workday morning. I start my day off right, I feel good knowing I've already burned 600 calories. My skin looks better after a workout (well, after a shower after a workout), I find my clothes fit better, I'm just raring to go. I would go 5 mornings a week if possible.

The only problem, is that I miss my boys in the morning. I miss seeing their little faces, I miss kissing them until they can't take it anymore, I miss helping choose adorable outfits for them to wear. I miss pouring their cereal and making their toast.

Gag, I know, right? And trust me, I'm NOT that parent who can't stand to leave their kids, who doesn't go out with friends because she'd rather be home with her kids, who thinks it's evil to leave their kids overnight..... I love being my own person as well as being a mom. But there's just something about morning times that I love with them.

And this past weekend, my youngest son was glued to me because he was sick. So I didn't make it to the gym all weekend (how could I leave him?)

So for now, I will have to live with 3 mornings a week, and fitting in my other 3 work-outs around their, AND my husband's schedule.

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Teresa said...

Work, life, balance, enjoy them while they are small. Time passes too quickly.

Sasha said...

I can't remember the last time I worked out in the morning! It was before kids, that's for sure. How do you do it? Because you're right, it is the *best* way to start the day. And on top of that, then it's done!!

And I totally get missing your boys. Mornings can be crazy, but they're special, too.

Christy said...

Teresa - it really does go so quickly!

Sasha - my husband takes the boys to school/daycare in the morning. I do all the preparations the night before (lunches, pick out clothes, lay everything out) so it's as easy as possible (less guilt for me!). If I leave my exercise for the end of the day, I'm less likely to go.

Sasha said...

You've got me thinking, you really do; about how we could change our morning routine to make it work (with minimal guilt - sound familiar?).

JavaChick said...

Aw, I think that's really sweet. I think you've probably hit on the best solution for now - alternating your mornings.

Wish I was a morning exerciser but I've tried it and it makes me miserable.