Thursday, October 13, 2011

Going about this a$$-backwards

If you lived in my house, you would often hear me say

"I can't wait until I'm healthy and I can do _blank_"
"Oh look at her out and running, I can't wait until I do that"
"I can't wait to look good again"

Yesterday morning I was driving to the gym (I took the morning off work, but still got up at 5:00am to get to my 6am class) and another of these "I can't wait" thoughts went through my head.

And I stopped. (well, I didn't stop the car, if it was a movie, then everything would have just gone into slow motion). What am I waiting for? Can I not do these things/feel this way until I lose weight? Well, now that's just silly isn't it? I can just do it now.

I can be that healthy person. Just because I'm fat, I don't have to act like a fat person (I know that last sentence was totally not politically correct, but this is my blog and that's exactly my thought). Losing weight shouldn't be my goal, it should be to lead the healthy lifestyle that I want to, and losing weight would be a by-product.

This was a bit of a revelation to me, and now my mind has started thinking a different way. My goal is still 60 in 60, but I'm going about it with a different approach. It's not to lose 1lb/week, it's to practice healthy living. It's to exercise because it's good for me and makes me feel good, not because it burns x# of calories and now I can eat ice cream. It's to not not eat for 6 hours before weigh-in so that the scale will lean in my favour.

And, now? I'm more excited about my journey and the end result.

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Teresa said...

Had a very similar conversation with the Wellness Nurse a few weeks back. She insisted to celebrate all the healthy steps taken. Its all about living a healthy life, not a number on a scale. This is your life don't wait to celebrate.