Monday, November 7, 2011

I have so much to say

And I don't know where to start. Maybe it will come out slowly over the next week or two.

For now? I must tell the world about my weekend.

First off - I have the best.friends.ever. Seriously, I do. We've been friends since grade 9 and from when we first met until today, we have remained the bestest of friends. We've gone through it all together. You know some people you are only friends with now because you've known them for so long - but if you met them today you may not necessarily hit it off? That's totally NOT the case with my girls. We all come together and we just think the same way, we find the same things weird, the same stories funny, have most of the same beliefs and feelings about motherhood, marriage and almost everything. We've never had an arguement, a fight, there's never been a period of time when one isn't talking to another because of what she said (I know quite a few of people I've met who just has these crazy stories about their friends - "oh she's nto talking to me because I didn't invite her to my daughter's first birthday"....).

We typically aren't good at planning ahead and the majority of the time we get together it's a last minute thing "I'm having a sh1tty day, wanna meet for dinner?" or "haven't seen you girls in a while, who's free Saturday night".

Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today.

Some of us have had a kind of crazy summer, so 4 of us decided we all deserved a weekend away together, here: Bourget Spa and Inn

It may not have been quite what we expected, but in the end we had an absolute marvelous time. Does anyone else feel that spending a full weekend with your girls is almost better than a year of therapy?

We went into town the first night (VERY small town, there was ONE restaurant) and had dinner. Our expectations weren't high. But they were definitely exceeded!

We may have had too much to drink and couldn't drive back to the spa and Bourget doesn't have cabs. The bartender was going to drive us (but could only fit two in the car so would have to make two trips) and another lady at the bar said she would have taken us, but her dog was in the car? So in the end we had to have a cab come from the closest town (15 minutes away) to drive us home. But the good part of the story is that my friend and I walked to town the next day to pick up my car. It was a good 40 minute walk - exercise that we otherwise may not have done?

The next morning (I slept in till 7:30!) we had a delicious breakfast, some warm tea and indulged in some good magazines.

After our long walk, we came back just in time for lunch. A plate of cheese and crackers to start and then a delicious grilled chicken salad (I forgot to take a picture until I was almost done). For dessert, three small scoops of homemade sorbet (wild berries, yum)

And then we got to choose our meals for dinner, the options were so good, I didn't know what to have!

What do you think I chose?

The butternut squash soup which was OUT OF THIS WORLD - must try to recreate this at home.

And the chicken :) Yumm-o.

And for dessert? Fruits with melted delicious chocolate - don't mind if I do! The worst picture of the weekend, and it was SO good, I wish my picture reflected that!

I got a personalized facial and a manicure. I decided if we were super rich, I could easily spend a day every two weeks at the spa.

Spa treatments, delicious food and the most important - wonderful company (and lots of wine!) and the weekend was a total success.

I love you girls.

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Chantal said...

That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend. My DH and I are taking a day off soon and spending the day at Le Norkik. I can't wait. Hopefully we will fit it in next week!

CrYs said...

you are so lucky to have that closeness. i only have a couple of real good friends around here, and my "old" friends and i live so far apart that right now it's basically a facebook/email relationship.

Teresa said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Girlfriends are the best!