Monday, April 30, 2012


It's Monday.

Normally I love Mondays.  I don't like the fact that the weekend is over, but it's the start of a new week.  A new week that I can accomplish anything I want - and last week is behind me.

But today?  Not feeling it so much.

And at the root of it?  My insides do not meet my outsides.

For the past 5 weeks, I have behaved like I am a healthy, active person - who loves life, loves moving, loves eating well.  And I truly felt like that.

Now it's been 5 weeks that the scale hasn't moved.  I can only keep up my motivation for so long until I NEED to see a change.

I had increased my calories because I've read too much about how eating 1200 calories a day is not enough for when you are working out consistently.  Alot of the articles/websites about eating at least your BMR daily, PLUS eating back your exercise calories.  Which is what I've been doing.  First week (which was a week I only got to the gym twice, as opposed to 6 times) I was down 3 lbs.

Since then - there has been NO change in my weight.

I've been journalling everything, and 90% of the time staying within my calories (on the weekends I tend to go over a bit).  I've been working out a minimum of 4 times a week, maximum of 6.  I've been making sure I meet my macronutrient needs daily (carbs, fat, protein).  I'm eating my steel cut oats, my protein shakes after a work out, my lean meats, my fruits (but not too many), my veggies, my water, my green tea.....

I look at people who are dieting (ie: WW, 17 day diet) who DON'T work out, and they are losing like crazy,  Dropping pants sizes.  Looking slimmer.

Ok - so maybe their body fat isn't dropping, but their clothes sizes are.
Maybe my body fat is dropping, but my clothes sizes aren't.

I just feel like I'm doing all the right things and not seeing the benefits. 

I want to stop working out for a week and see if I lose.  But I KNOW that's not the answer, and I won't do it (because really, unless I was in bed sick, I don't think I could miss a work out, I need them!).

But, if that's not the answer, then what is?

(it's Monday, I blame my negative nelly mood on that)
(come on weight gods, give me a little loss to keep me going)

2 people had this to say:

Chantal said...

I wish I knew the answer. I know for me the answer is to start working out again. I am teetering far too close to the edge these days and I think exercise will be the thing that brings me back.

Teresa said...

I'm suffering from Diet envy as well. I just don't get it! Keep strong things will change.