Friday, July 27, 2012

A change from the norm

Jeff's gone until Monday, back to the island for a reunion.  Which leaves the boys and I home alone. 

Typically - in these types of scenarios, I don't have control over my eating.  Not sure if it's because no one is watching me (not like Jeff "watches" what I eat, but I mean it's like a free for all, no one paying attention) or if it's because I don't have someone else to cook for, but either way the weekends normally end badly (food-wise).

But last night I started off our time alone right!  I made one of my favourite go to meals.  Scrambled eggs (2 eggs, plus about 2 whites) cooked with spinach.  Sprinkled with fresh parmesan cheese, about a 1/4 cup chopped avocado, and pepper.  A side of steamed asparagus.  SO GOOD.

The biggest obstacle for me is typically getting through the first night.  If I eat well, I normally keep up the momentum.  If I decide - well, I'm winging it this weekend, then wing it I do, and the best choices are not made.  So yay for me!

 It was 9ish pm before the kids went to bed.  I'm such a sucker, when Jeff's away, Carson sleeps with me :)  It's a treat for the both of us! 

 My youngest one has a tendency to not want to sleep, especially because he's still getting a nap at daycare.  When he gets a nap, he stays up later then I want him to he should.

 Then, not only did I eat well, but despite just wanting to crawl into bed, I pulled out Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and did it!  It was 9:30 when i was done (most of the time the reason I end up doing the 30DS when I'd rather not do anything is the fact that it's only 27 minutes!  Anyone can spare 27 minutes!) I was hot and sweaty.  I showered, got into bed and had a great sleep knowing I had a great day. 

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