Monday, July 30, 2012

Power Flow

I just took the BEST yoga class ever.  It was a power flow class.

This has to be my most favourite hot yoga class - it's a fast transition between poses, all aligned to your breath.  One of the most frequest moves in the class- vinyasa - which consists of high plank to low plank, upward dog, then downward facing dog.  It's hard but it feels sooo good.  I'm slowly getting better at it, and my low plank keeps getting lower.  Anyone who says that yoga isn't a good workout, well, I'd like to argue you.  Any day.

All the classes I've taken so far have been in one of the rooms at the studio.  It's a square-ish room, and quite large, so I'm not really that close to anyone else.  Tonight's class though, was in a smaller, rectangle room and we were crammed in their like sardines.  Which, most of the images on google show.  I was a bit nervous going in, smack dab between two people, but once you get into the class, you kind of forget who is around you and what everyone else is doing and you get into your own mind.  

One thing I did notice through the class was a) there were are  lot of guys and b) everyone was rather young.

I'm 37.  I'm not young.  I know I'm not old, but I'm getting up to 40.  

I've only been into the whole working-out, exercising thing for about 7 years (and no, not consistently).  

In highschool, I was not athletic.  In university, one year my girlfriends and I joined the gym, but went maybe 5 times.  And the gym was superrrr cheap.  I spent alot of time on campus, I had oodles of time to make it to the gym.  

I can't help but wonder where I would be now if I had just made being healthy a priority back then.  I can't help but be a tad envious of these young people, with their lives ahead of them, making it a priority to them.  

I know we can all make excuses as to why it's not a #1 priority.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone works.  Everyone has other things to do.  Heck, I could easily say, I work full-time, I have two young kids, I have a husband, a household to run.... but really, we can all afford some time to make being healthy a priority.  It's easy to make excuses, it's hard to commit to what's important and face what needs to be done.

This year, I've turned a corner in terms of working out.  The longest I've gone without going to the gym is maybe a week, and that's when I injured my leg.  Other than that, I've been going consistently.  I know I'm healthier because of it.  I know I'm better in so many ways (mind, body and soul) for doing it.  

I know I've changed.  Being healthy, staying fit, staying active, making working out a regular part of my daily schedule, will remain at the top of importance list. I don't want to look back when I'm 50 and say, if only I had made it a priority when I was in my 30's.....


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Nadia said...

Very well said! As someone in my twenties, I too wish I'd consistently taken care of my body from an earlier age.

Teresa said...

Doing a wonderful job, great post.