Wednesday, February 13, 2013

For the next forty days

I had hummed and hawed (is that how you write that expression?) about what to do for Lent.  Truth is, I AM Catholic, but normally do not participate.

I wanted to do something that would refocus on my healthy way of living - and the most perfect solution for me is to ....

give up the scale

I've been so dedicated, so motivated, so determined, so LOVING my new lifestyle that as soon as I thought of restricting food (dessert, chocolate) I immediately got the crazy thoughts of "I need to eat chocolate tonight then, because I wont' be able to eat it for 40 days".  And it's those kind of thoughts that I am working so hard to no longer have.

I step on the scale every couple of days, and it STILL has the mood altering affect that it always has.  Fortunately, I haven't let it get to the point of a binge, and I've been able to snap out of it quicker than before.

BUT, it's one aspect that I currently struggle with, more than anything else.  I haven't seen the scale go down in 3 weeks despite my most absolute sincere attempt at it.

Worried that if the no-change-in-weight continues, my ability to snap back after seeing a # I don't want to see may begin to waiver.  I worry that I'll binge, give up or something.

And that my friends... is why I'm putting it away for the next 40 days.


3 people had this to say:

Teresa said...

Good luck in you challenge.

Chantal said...

good job Christy! You won't miss it!

JavaChick said...

Good for you!