Thursday, February 14, 2013

Keeping my eyes down

Because it's Valentine's Day - everyone at work has cupcakes or muffins or donuts or candies on their desk.  People are handing out chocolates and cookies and lollipops. 

I haven't been tempted.  Yet.

But as I walk down the aisle (a hundred times a day) I will be keeping my eyes to the ground and avoiding eye contact with those delicious sweets.

On another note, the only time I started to enjoy Valentine's Day was when I had kids.  There were plenty of Valentine's Day where I had a special someone, but I was just never into the whole lovey dovey romantic flowers chocolates that is associated with the day.  Maybe because I'm not a very romantic lovey dovey person.

That all changed when I had kids.  I can remember my mom always setting our breakfast table with chocolates and a book (or Archie comic!), or some little present/token for the day.  It's what I grew up knowing, so last night (after getting home from dinner with the girls - where I had dinner out and still came in under calories, go me!) I hung hearts, I set up a placemat with heart shaped plates, napkins and cups.  I put out chocolates, a little something for each of them, a card and went to bed, excited for their little faces this morning.  And they did not disappoint.  Beckett thinks there is a Valentine's Day fairy who is pink white and red who came to visit, and I didn't correct him.

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Teresa said...

Good for you holding strong! I also think its more for the kids.