Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Tuesday morning that felt like a Monday morning

to derail me this morning but I didn't let it!

I use my phone as my alarm and this morning I woke up to a big BEEP at about 5 minutes before my alarm.  It was the power going out.  I wasn't going to let it deter me!  I put the flashlight on (ha, it's an app on my phone) and got dressed.

I went downstairs, brushed my teeth, took my vitamins, filled my water bottle, grabbed a towel and my gym bag and ran out to the car.  I park in the garage.  I hit the door opener and it didn't open.  Because that requires power.  Whoops.  And because I'm ridiculous, I didn't know how else to open the garage door (again, I'm working in the dark here).  I heard my neighbour start her car - she just happens to be my spin instructor - so I ran through the house, out the front door and caught a ride with her.

Awesome spin class 2 - 5 minute seated climbs in the middle of the workout was killer.

Get home, protein shake without ice (can't use my blender!) doesn't taste as great, but it will do.  Can't make my tea either.  Boo.

Go upstairs and shower (in the dark-ish).  The second I put my sweat drenched head under the water I realize - crap, I can't dry my hair. Or put on make up (not light enough out yet).  So I pack my bags to get ready at work.

Traffic is terrible.  I'm 15 minutes late.  Then I have to get ready in the washroom at work, another 10 minutes to get ready (ok, 15) and I'm at my desk.  Oh, and when I am drying my hair I lift my arm up and realize there's a hole under my arm in my sweater.

It TOTALLY feels like a Monday.  BUT I'm here, great workout under my belt, and satisfied knowing that I got my workout in.


Last night my husband took my eldest son to swimming, so I stayed home with my "baby".  He sat on the counter while I made turkey meatballs for tonight's dinner (until I realized it was Pancake Tuesday, yippee!) and peanut butter energy bites.  I've seen these posted all over the internet and decided to give them a try.  Easy to make, full of good stuff but they are delicious... so it's hard to stop at just one.  Not sure if I have enough willpower to make them again.

Said helper....(he ate a piece of raisin toast, a mini cucumber, a pear, a clementine, a bowl of shredded coconut, a handful of mini chocolate chips and a glass of milk - not sure where he puts it all, and this was AFTER we ate dinner)

"Beckett, smile for the camera"
As you can see, he won't just smile, he makes ridiculous faces, noises, arm gestures.  Typical for a 3 year old boy I'm sure.

2 people had this to say:

Teresa said...

Good for you getting your workout done when all was working against you. Happy Pancake Tuesday.

Chantal said...

wow you rock. I don't park my car in the garage but I might have let the power outage stop me. I'll be there tomorrow for sure. I need my work out. Haven't since Friday and I can feel it. Oh and I think those peanut butter bites are on my menu for tonight!