Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday's not so deep thoughts

1 - I started spinning in October.  It's now end of February.  I've been to 2 classes every week (except for over Christmas, I think I missed two weeks from being sick?) and I was just thinking today it's amazing how far I've come.  I used to barely turn the knob when she told me to increase my resistance.  I always ended my sprints early.  When she said "Your legs should be burning" I would stop when they actually started to burn.  Now - I push it to the max.  Max resistance when I should, finish all my springs, my legs burn and at the end of the class I am completely wiped.

2 - I think all my bootcamp/spining/crossfit has really started to help out with my endurance.  I went running for the first time in AGES with someone I met in real life for the first time (you guys - Tracey is AWESOME). We ended up running 10k in about an hour and ten minutes. And it was a great run, I didn't feel like I was pushing myself too hard, we had an awesome chat (would love to do it again sometime!) and I was surprised at our time. Pleasantly surprised of course.

3. I am loving crossfit these days. This morning marked my first time doing pull-ups, I swear I almost walked out of the gym when I saw the word pull-up on the board. But I did 35 of them over the course of the 45 minute class. I couldn't lift my arms the rest of the day... But I did pull-ups (ASSISTED of course)

4. I always think about so much I want to write about but when I finally have the time to do it (things are just really busy right now), I never remember any of it.

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Chantal said...

that is awesome! I love this. I want to be where you are. I will be. someday! YAY for you!

Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

OH my! You are too cute! And AWESOME too. It felt like I'd known you forever and a day. lol Could have spent the afternoon chatting away! For not having run in awhile-you KILLED it! ANYTIME!

Anonymous said...

This is why sometimes, in a pinch, I bring a crayon and an old receipt in my SPI belt on runs. I never forget that important thing!

Tracey is awesome, I agree! I wish I could have come last week. I could not have done 10k. Slurping my barrel of coffee was work. Ugh. Next time!

I tried spinning once. I applaud you your tenacity to keep at it, and I know the results of that fitness must feel awesome! My tailbone hurt for three days after I did an RPM class, and I could barely sit for two. (I have a fractured tailbone. It is permanent, hence the indescribable pain). I may go back to it sometime, because it was a killer workout, but not until I can afford a gel seat and proper shoes.