Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Deeeelicious fudge

Last night my beautiful pregnant friend posted a picture of some of the recipes she made to freeze for middle of night feedings (brilliant idea - I had always planned to do it, but never did).  Everything looked delicious, but the tag "paleofudge" piqued my interest.

I was too impatient for her to post the recipe, so I did a quick google search and found this recipe.

From the minute I read her post, until the minute the fudge went into the freezer was 13 minutes!! And the majority of that time was spent scooping it from the vitamix into the molds.

Amazingly, I had all 5 ingredients in my kitchen.

coconut oil
almond butter
maple syrup
cocoa powder (I used cacao powder - googled it, some sites say there is a difference but most say they can be interchanged easily)

**maple syrup is a limited paleo ingredient.  It's still sugar, so should not be used frequently but I did use pure maple syrup from my girlfriend's farm! In the picture above I started off with my other bottle of maple syrup and just as I was measuring the 1/4 cup I thought - hey, I should use Michelle's maple syrup.

**I find half the fudge recipes call for majool dates - the other half for honey or maple syrup. 

So, I left my bed (even though we were snuggling and playing on the ipad)

I used the vitamix to blend all the ingredients and when I saw the recipe say "pour into candy molds" I thought - umm... I don't have candy molds.

Then I remembered these ice cube trays I bought years ago when Carson was young, which were the perfect size for fudge!


Those were the only two pictures I took - I always plan to take pictures while making something but I never remember.  You will have to imagine what chocolate sesame street faced fudge looks like.

But you have to make them to taste them.  They are DELICIOUS.  Quick and easy to make.

I threw them in the freezer and this morning at 6am I took them to crossfit.  Delicious post crossfit workout treat, wouldn't you think?  My trainer ate two, I left a whole bunch of the next class, and gave everyone some to take home.  I couldn't be trusted with a whole tupperware full of fudge (the above recipe made two of the trays full of fudge).  I'm weak I tell you.... WEAK.

I'd like to say it looked like this:

But in the case of my fudge? Don't judge a book by it's cover, it's taste way outdoes it looks.

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JavaChick said...

Okay, now I want to make that. I have all the ingredients and it looks like a tasty combination!