Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to... what?

Seriously?  School starts next week?  I go back to work on Wednesday after a glorious three weeks off.

Routine normally re-starts next week.

But you know what?  I've kept up with my workouts during my vacation.  9 our of 14 days while on PEI.  This week I've gone to 5 6am classes (yes, while on VACATION!)

I've kept up with my routine through the summer, so I don't feel the need to restart in September.  Which is awesome, because I've never really had a healthy summer.  I always tend to drop my workouts, increase alcohol and food consumption.  But not this summer.

I came back from the island feeling proud.  I came back - not having the whole "I need to get back on the wagon" feeling, because I never fell off.

My trainer said he could tell I didn't take a two week vacation from working out because I was able to power through my workouts and still had the same intensity I normally do.

So why is it, when my clothes still fit the same (as in, i haven't gone down any sizes!) that I feel like a total failure?  I feel that it's now been almost 8 months of consistent workouts, eating healthy 80% of the time, not falling off the wagon, not drinking - MY BODY HAS NOT CHANGED?

yes, I know, it's all about diet.  It's all about what I put in my mouth (tee hee).  But as I said, 80% of what I eat is good.  It's healthy (lots of green salads, with chicken, veggies, nuts, healthy oils, eggs, cottage cheese, fruits, greek yogurt) yes, we go out once in a while to eat, yes, we have chips and ice cream once in a while.  But seriously - this is once in a while.

I've been considering the paleo lifestyle, it's often associated with crossfit, but I am scared about the elimination of grains.  I don't want to eliminate oatmeal and quinoa.  I rarely eat pasta or rice, but if you tell me I can't eat it - I want to eat it.  All the time.  I don't necessarily agree with eliminating food groups or all types of foods.

So what do I do?  I'd love to find a nutritionist or coach that a) won't tell me to eat 1200 cals a day or b) tell me to eliminate food groups.  Someone who supports eating more to weigh less (anytime I have restricted calories I end up bingeing because I'm SO HUNGRY).  I'd love to know what kinds of foods to eat and when (pre workout, after workout, on non workout days...) I don't' want someone who tells me I can't eat a piece of cake when celebrating my son's birthday.

Does anyone know someone like this?

I need to start to see a change.  I'm feeling desperate.  I know I should focus on the changes I have made, and trust me - I have been.  And I do most of the time.  But when I am STILL not buying new clothes because I'm waiting to lose inches?  I am not happy with my body at it's current weight and I don't think I ever could be.

Sorry - this post isn't very positive, I'm just getting really frustrated.  I hope to come back with answers soon :)

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Chantal said...

I wonder if there is an online coach who would fit the bill. Maybe email GoKaleo and ask her if she knows anyone who could help you.

Anonymous said...

I know how difficult it is. I'm there too. Leading a healthy lifestyle on vacation by keeping at your workouts and eating well most of the time is a real achievement! GO YOU!

One thought, and likely you have done this, but have you had a complete physical in the past year or so? Something might poke out of the results that could be a reason you have noticed a plateau v(iron levels, thyroid, adrenals, etc etc). Also think about cortisol and its effects on hormones and "weight" loss. A fairly balanced article is here:

Mind you, this is a reality for me right now, because of my insulin issues, but thought I would toss that into the ring to perhaps discuss with a nutritionist/doctor if you go that route.

Also, have you seen an increase in the amount of weight you can lift/carry/throw at your box? have you been able to complete a WOD faster or at Rx? If that is the case, your body IS changing, and WOOT to that!

Anonymous said...

There is an awesome naturopath in the Merrickville/Spencerville area who might be right up your alley.
I love her and she is all about finding you the best things for your body.

Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

You need to talk to Jay. Her coach she's been working with is fantastic! She works with your food likes and dislikes, with your workout schedule, gives you pre and post workout meals, is available and responds very quickly to questions. Jay says if she has a work meal out for example, she'll send her coach the restaurant/type of food and ask what she should order, and she'll get back to her right away with choices. Jay has done AMAZING (as you can see in her new pics) She's also got the education background to support what she is doing-which many don't! Might be something to look into-my knowledge of it all is limited.
That said-I'm right with you. I haven't lost anything in months...almost a year? I've sort of given up of late-same reasons, I work out, I eat mostly healthy...I don't know what else to do except keep doing more of the same because at least I know-end of the day-my health (which is most important!) is benefitting. It would be NICE however to see the @#$%!! scale move again! :)

JavaChick said...

I was working with Lindsey Matthews for a while, and I liked her. She does online coaching - nutrition and/or fitness. It looks like the description of her nutrition coaching has changed from when I was working with her, but you could contact her and see if you think it's a good fit -

It is tough, I know, to feel like you are doing everything right and not seeing the results you want. Hang in there though, it sounds like you are doing really well.

Teresa said...

Congrats for keeping up on holidays. Good luck getting back to the work routine.