Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We are starting to test our 1 rep max (how much weight you can do for just ONE rep).  I think I passed my first test :)  My trainer thinks I could have gone heavier but I didn't rest long enough in between each set. 

Also, it's my second week on WW.  I wasn't going to say publicly that I went on WW because, well, for lots of reasons I suppose.

I've really struggled over the past year (yes, year) with what "lifestyle" to follow.  Dabbled in paleo, tried cutting out gluten, isagenix, no sugar, high protein/low carb, iifym, and if there is one thing I've learned, it's this:

As soon as I start to restrict a certain food group, I go batshit crazy.

Actually, make that two things.  The second thing:

I can take the parts of each of these ways to approach eating, and use everything I've learned - and make it work for me.

I don't eat alot of starchy carbs.  I eat a lot of protein.  I have greatly reduced my sugar intake.  I love every single recipe I've tried from paleomg. I like protein shakes.

This is how I tend to eat. BUT it doesn't mean I can't eat a starchy carb if I want (like dinner last night was a sandwich with avocado and cheese and tomato!).   I can have a cupcake if I want.  I only reached about 50g of protein yesterday.  This was my breakfast yesterday morning (and lunch was spaghetti squash with a meat sauce - from paleomg, please try it, it's so good!)

And having these little "exceptions" is what keeps me sane, keeps me on track, does not set me up for a binge, keeps the batshit crazy bug at bay,  and apparently (see picture above) keeps me strong.

And for some reason, call me crazy (yes, please do, most people who know me do), but if I am PAYING FOR SOMETHING I AM MORE LIKELY TO USE IT.  So mfp - while a fantastic tool, I just wasn't dedicated to it.  I'd track for a day, maybe even a week, and then I'd only log on to "keep my # of days logged in".

And if I look back over the past 15 years of trying to lose weight - the only thing that actually worked? WW.

I've been consistently working out (most times 6 days a week) for the greater part of a year.  Two weeks ago I put on my fall black dress pants and they fit the exact same way they did the last time I wore them.

Insert blood curlding scream here.

And with WW, I'm eating all my daily points plus my weekly flex points (an extra 49).  I'm taking it one week at a time and see what works for me.

My first week - down 2.2 lbs.  Which I am happy with.  I was hoping for more - but then it's not like I was eating terribly and completely revamped my diet once I started (which is what normally happens, hence a huge 6lb dro the first week) - but it's more than the scale has moved at any given time over the past year, so I am taking it as a success and moving forward.

AND - after I weighed in, what used to be my first thought (ok, now my week resets so I can go get that latte/donut/lunch out to "celebrate" did NOT even cross my mind.  This was mind blowing.  I continued the eat the way I'd been doing - I even dipped into my first two flex points of the week (cleaning out B's lunch bag, I ate the last two mini chocolate chip cookies he hadn't eaten) and didn't think not to track it (doesn't count, it's my first day, typical old-christy thought).

So I'll keep doing-the-do and see what happens. More than the 2.2 lbs, it's the mind set that I'm happiest about.

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Chantal said...

wow you strong woman!!! Love it. Keep on keeping on hon!

Teresa said...

Keep up the great work. Bravo!