Thursday, October 3, 2013


1 - I love that I am seeing Amy more and more at crossfit (our schedules for the gym at normally opposite, but it's worked out a few times that we are there together now!)

2 - Katie is awesome to talk to, she understand where I am coming from and doesn't make me foolish for feeling what I feel.  Her husband is awesome too - we each pushed each other on our final run last night. I told him I was channeling my "inner Katie"

3- Everything I've read and some professionals I've talked to suggest the best form of exercise to do while losing weight is simply walking.  Walking is good yes, but boring.  I won't/can't give up the gym.  I may try to scale it back and go three times a week and walk the other 4.  We'll see.

4 - This recipe is awesome! I've made it twice now, using chicken instead of pork though.  It's so good, so easy and it's perfect for lunch.

5 - The scale hasn't moved in a year.  A YEAR.  I've never been more religious about working out and eating well.  Mother frig I'm about to jump off the proverbial bridge!!!

6 - BUT - now I can do box jumps.  Sure they are off a tire, but they are the same height as the box.  It's all mental for me, something about wood vs rubber.

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Teresa said...

Good for you staying strong. It is certainly frustrating when the effort does not see results. Your happy doing the gym then keep doing it! Wishing you well.

Kataroo said...

hehehe I love it when you get a surprise shout out :) I love chatting with you too. YOU GET ME BACK :)