Friday, November 8, 2013

I did it

A hand stand push-up.

That's right, I.DID.IT

We've been practicing more of our skills at crossfit.  Since starting, for alot of the more gymnastic type moves I do the scaled version (ie: if you can't climb the rope, you lie on the ground and pull yourself up using the rope.  if you can't box jump, then you step-up and off the box).

Last week if you remember, I did box jumps finally.

And just this morning, I finally got up on the wall and did a push-up.

Until now, I've always done my hand stand push-ups off a box.  Which, yes, technically isn't a hand stand pushup, but that was our "scaled version"

This was my third skill session of trying to get up on the wall.  The last two times I kept kicking my legs up, getting closer and closer to the wall but it was that finally inch - that finally push (that kind of makes your stomach turn over because it feels like you are going to go right over?) I just couldn't make.

This morning, I went down on my hands like I normally do, kicked my legs up.  Didn't make it (still, an inch away), and then I tried again. AND I GOT UP.  I started yelling "I'm up, I'm up" which is totally not like me, I do everything to avoid people looking at me, so to draw attention to myself, I obviously wasn't thinking what I was doing.

And up I was.  Then I freaked out that I was up, so I got down. Ha, totally a Christy move.

So I went up again (mind you, me getting up on the wall is not graceful AT ALL) and this time, even went down to DO A PUSH-UP.  I'm sure I only went down an inch or two, but STILL.

I don't know what it is guys - but I am getting better by the week at crossfit it seems. It's like I've reached a turning point at just doing what I am comfortable with - but not getting any better, and now I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone and surprising myself with my abilities.  I have to say, it's a fantastic feeling and I am walking with a little extra spring in my step, a smile on my face and a very different attitude towards so many things in my life.

It's a very happy place to be, indeed.

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Jaimee Fleming said...

Just so you know, whenever i go to Crossfit in the evening, i check out the board to see what you've lifted. If i can get anywhere close, i know i did pretty good.

But today there was nothing! i didn't know what to do...good to see you got up there. It took me about 10 tries but i finally did it too. =)

Jim McLean said...

I had no idea we were witnessing history in the making this got upside down on that wall and made it seem easy. I'm still having balance issues, but I'll get there. Glad you are knocking those achievements off the list!

Kataroo said...


Christy said...

Jaimee - I haven't seen you there in ages!! Congrats on getting up, such a great feeling!

Jim - thanks for all the encouragement, you're a great 6 am addition!

Katie - remember.... blended superpowers!

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Teresa said...

Wow, that is wonderful!