Wednesday, November 13, 2013

One wrong click of the button - and this is what happens

When I go to send an e-mail, if I write in someone's name and hit the "," key, a list of all employees within my department appears. It's *supposed* to look at my personal contacts first - and as much as I'd love to be able to, I can't go back in time to see exactly how I did it, but rather than sending this e-mail to my sister, I sent it to another "Carrie" who works in my department.  A funny story ensues. 

From:    me
To: Carrie
Subject:    CHECK Out what i finally did

I've been trying for the past month to do it and this morning I did it!!

From: Carrie
To: me
Subject: Re: CHECK Out what i finally did

Congratulations!!!  You've clearly been working hard.

Unfortunately I don't think your email was meant for me.  But we can be sisters in handstands!

** remember, I don't know this person!!

Ohhhh at this point, I laughed so hard I cried.  I'm such a dumb-ass, and of course I would send this picture of me sweating and so ridiculously proud of myself to someone I don't know!  I call my sister, and we are both crying because we are laughing so hard.  I tell people at the office, she tells people at her office and Friday afternoon - there was alot of laughing crying going on.

I respond (of course)

From:    Christy
To: me
Subject:    Re: CHECK Out what i finally did

Oh my - I am so sorry!  I guess I was too excited to send it and I didn't check which Carrie I was sending it to - thank you for the picture, it made me laugh out loud that this at least got sent to someone who is pretty fricking awesome to do it right there in her office.

TGIF - apparently I need the weekend.


And just now, I got her response:

From: Carrie
To: me
Subject: Re: CHECK Out what i finally did

I'm glad you enjoyed the picture.  I couldn't tell you that you send the picture to complete stranger without at least embarrassing myself a little.

FYI - the woman who took the picture was so inspired by you that she decided to try a handstand and she succeeded.  After gastric bypass surgery and 130lb weight loss she still didn't think she could do it.  She's now your biggest fan for giving her another challenge to accept and conquer :)

And then, I cried, not from laughing either.

3 people had this to say:

Kataroo said...

and that is just one of the ways that your energy and awesomeness spreads :) :) Loved that story

Chantal said...

awe! that is so sweet!

Teresa said...

Ha how great is that!