Sunday, December 22, 2013


It's amazing what a difference a simple change in mind set can make.

I've decided to be... happy.

To not yell at myself for eating too many shortbread, but rather think - holy smokes, those were delicious.  I've been out and about lately (doing all the xmas shopping) and I have been letting people into my lane while driving, wishing everyone merry christmas, let people who are in a rush go in front of me, telling myself I look great in the mornings, calming people down at work, offering to help out when others look like they need it, and just keep smiling at everyone.

And you know what? It makes life WAY BETTER being happy then being angry.  Blaming my lack of weight loss on a million things, telling myself I suck and am ugly, complaining about people at work, staying bumper to bumper so jerks can't get in front of me. 

Remember that old saying that life is 20% what happens to us and 80% how we deal with it?  It's totally true.

And now I'm off to drink a mug of tea while snuggling with my little guys while watching a christmas special.

Tis the season, and I am loving this season - and will make sure it continues after :)

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Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

So so so true. We are our own worst enemies, and in being so stressed and maxed and angry-we bring that into our space and it begins to gnaw away at us. I used to be "known" in my family for my bad temper. It's a redhead thing, I guess. :) I've found in the last year that, I just don't "blow" anymore. When the family stars bickering, I'm the one asking them to tone it down, to just talk, to not get so heated. In turn, I find myself getting my feathers ruffled less. I'm not sure my family thinks it will "last" but...I just feel way more Zen than I ever have. I love that you're practicing it too, and feeling it back, as well. :)

Kataroo said...

love love love

Chantal said...

that is wonderful Christy, I hope you had a fabulous holiday and we will have to reschedule that lunch date soon.

desajair said...

I've missed reading your blog... just realized it's probably been six months since I've been here! Yay happiness! And wowzers on the crossfit.