Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy... New year?

Wow, I haven't blogged in almost two months....I guess it's about time I come back.

Thing is, I've had a lot to say but every time I try to write - I just kind of hit a wall.  I've been hitting a wall in more than one area in my life lately.  You all know how much I love going to the gym - well, early January - when most of the world is attacking their new years resolutions with gutso... I kind of lost my mojo for working out.  Now - I say I lost my mojo - but I never once didn't make it to the gym... I just wasn't loving it as much I always did.  I used to wake up before my alarm and be excited to go... and then I just kind of didn't love going, didn't hate it, but definitely didn't love it.

Turns out, because no matter how much I swear I'm shy and awkward, apparently I talk a lot to people at my gym - and the more I talked, the more I found out there were a few of us going through the same thing.

Maybe it's because the February blues came early because this winter seems to have started to early.
Maybe it's because we had started a new 6 week program at the gym for olympic lifting and I haven't yet mastered all the lifts and focussing on them again and again made me feel like I couldn't do anything right.
Maybe it's because I've been going straight for 8 months now and my body was craving a change?
Maybe, maybe, maybe... I can try to think of excuses all day long, but the bottom line is I had to get that feeling back.

I made small changes - set small goals (that wouldn't make sense to anyone but me), pushed myself a little harder every day, instead of talking about my lack of mojo with others, I would talk about things to work towards, how to improve things (instead of focussing on the negative).  And you know what? It worked.  Maybe I would have gotten out of my slump anyways, or maybe these changes actually worked.  Either way, I'm happy to be back at it.

AND - I signed up for a swim-cycle race with a friend from the gym - I missed the idea of racing and she can't run, so I agreed to do this race with her.  I've always wanted to do the try-a-tri and this is the next best thing.  It's a 500m swim and a 22.6k bike ride - now to start training!

I'm also signing up for a 10K sometime over the summer with a friend.  I haven't really run since the 1/2 I ran in 2012 and I think I may be missing it.

Keeping up with my current 5 days/week crossfit, adding in some swimming - running and biking? I think is the perfect combo to keep me happy, motivated and focussed.

Bring on 2014!!

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