Monday, February 10, 2014

New Year... new things to try

Yikes! My friend and I signed up for this. While I would have rather done a tri - including the run, it was more important to have someone to do the race with then to run as well. So we are doing the Sprint SwimCycle which is 500M Swim - 23.6Km Cycle

And then, starting on March 1st.... I'm officially registered in the 2014 Crossfit Open Games

 When I think about it all, I get sick to my stomach.  Butterflies, and questions like "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING" running through my mind... and then it's like a switch and I grin and my heart swells when I think of how far I've come... and how much further I want to go.

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Amy Muldoon said...

You = my friggin hero.

Kataroo said...


Chantal said...

are you in the toronto one? Dang I wish it was here in Ottawa, I would go cheer you on!