Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something I'm trying to work on:

I can be such a "fresh" snob. If I know I've had something in the fridge for a little too long I normally just throw it out. I had bought fresh pineapple on Friday (at the front of the store, already cut up, I was being lazy) because I wanted to put it in sandwiches this weekend.
When we were in PEI my SIL had a gorgeus sandwich with a slice of pineapple in it! I was hesitant when she ordered it, but she gave me a bite and it was delicious! A little bit of sweet in a mix of savoury... yum. Anyways, I digress. I almost threw it out this morning as some of the pieces were looking a little less then perfect. But I remembered I was going out to lunch with some colleagues, so I had to eat a super low point breakfast. So I turned to my all-faithful cottage cheese and pineapple and even though the pineapple was a little too acidic, it wasn't bad enough to throw out.


= YUM!

So I feel better for two reasons:

1) I didn't waste food! (I heard on the radio this morning that 1/2 of prepared food in the world goes to waste, how horrible is that?)

2) I had a healthy low point breakfast!

I'm really trying to keep our fridge full of things we can use within the time before it goes bad. Too much food is wasted (and it's like throwing money out of the window). Whenever I used to go grocery shopping I would buy everything I wanted to have in my kitchen, now I make sure I go only with a list and don't get tempted (unless something is sooo tempting that my meal changes because of it)

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Amy said...

I heard that same stat... which blew me away!

I also heard that Johnathan Knight used to date Tiffany.. and that Shannon Dorhety was in more episodes of 90210 then Charmed!

Carolyn said...

I LOVE cottage cheese & pineapple! Yummmmmmm.

Love the new blog look.

Christy said...

Amy! We were listening to the same radio station this morning!

JavaChick said...

Love the new look and new focus. I enjoy food blogs as well. I love food, so it's always interesting to read about what others are eating. And see the pictures! :)