Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nasty nasty numbers take 4

Went to the gym this morning had an AMAZING workout which included:

  • 2 footed squat jumps across one end of the gym
  • chest press with steering wheel weight while standing on bosu
  • squats with one handed kettlebell (switching hands while you go down) and jumping up to start position
  • two armed rows while leaning over with straight back
  • jumping jacks, squatting down to touch toes when you go down
  • 1 chest press while lying on bench, coming up to do a situp. 2 chest presses, 2 situps, etc...
  • leaning over holding medicine ball to touch cone, coming up with a knee drive
  • on bosu ball, holding weights up - twisting to come down, squat down and shoulder press up
  • plank pushups off ball
In between each set, alternating between fast feet and high knees. When that was all over, we did 3 sets of hills and running 3oo m in between.

Then came the moment that I had to do my bi-monthly weigh in to check my progress. Here you go.

I've been going to the Lean and Fit class for 8 months, but have only really gotten hardcore with my eating in the last two or three months. I'm happy to see the numbers going down (although I wish my height would go UP) and very happy to see that my body fat has gone down almost 10%

I just gotta keep at it!

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rusty61 said...

That's awesome, Christy! It's neat to see your progress on paper, but listening to the description of what all you did at the gym today--HOLY COW!!!

You're amazing!

Lynn said...

Finally! And yay! That's good news.

I was wondering, are you taking a multi-vitamin or maybe using meal-substitute bars at all? I had a really hard time losing the weight after my last baby until I stopped both of those. I think there is something about the added vitamins that makes me gain or hold weight.

I kept track of my food with a computer program for a while and saw that the nutrients I was really lacking were Vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium, so I started taking separate supplements of just those three. And like magic, the weight just fell off.

I don't think this is true for everyone but just in case it works for you too, thought I'd mention it.

Christy said...

Thank you rusty!!

Lynn - thanks for the advice, it's things like this that I love hearing - what has worked/ not worked for others.

I don't take a multivitamin (although keep thinking that I should) and definitely don't do any meal replacement or protein bars.

I love keeping track of my foods online, and that's yet another reason, you can see what areas in terms of vitamins (and basically ANYTHING) to see what yo uare deficient on. I'm going to go chek that out and see if there's something I maybe should be boosting up in terms of a vitamin.