Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quick drive-by

-Oh, the sick! I was sick this weekend with the flu and then my older son got it so I've been pretty much housebound for the past couple days.

-Weighed myself again on Friday, down another 3.4 lbs.

-Exercise is what keeps me going, I didn't work out this weekend and I immediately feeling myself being pulled to eating more when I can't exercise. What kind of crazy mentality is that?

-After being home with Carson for the day, as soon as my husband got home I escaped and went to the gym for an hour

-One of the stations was a one-footed hop onto a step, and for some reason, these hops always make me hurt my leg. When will I learn to modify the exercise and jump using two feet?

-Of course I get home, and start stressing that I will have the same injury I did last time and I wouldn't be able to keep up with my running (why do I always think of the worst that could happen instead of just assume I will need a couple days rest, ice and then I'll be good to go?)

-This morning it was still sore, but I was still feeling yucky from the weekend and needed to get my sweat on so I went to the gym again. I can feel where it hurts in my leg, but it's nothing that's going to stop me.

Exciting, n'est-pas?

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Teresa said...

Poor you, hope everyone is feeling better soon. Congrats on the weigh in.