Monday, September 22, 2008

Paying for it now!

Evil scale. Evil Evil Evil scale! Why is that the more fun my weekend is, a higher number shows on the scale? I'm working on changing that.

Anyways, I've moved on.

I had yummy oatmeal (Organic quick oats, made with water), banana, almond butter and flax seed. Warmed me up and tasted oh so good.

Lunch is chili (we make a batch every couple weeks and freeze it in lunch sized tupperware), carrots and cucumbers.

Haven't decided on supper yet, I was home for maybe an hour this weekend (wake-time hours that is) so needless to say I didn't plan my meals or do a grocery shopping (that's on the TO DO for tonight). And, a walk with Lisa and Jenn (Jenn is who's cottage I want to this weekend and asked her if she wanted to start walking and she said yes!). Look at me, making friends!

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Anonymous said...

My theory is that scales have PMS, and are subject to mood swings (just like we are). The scale was probably put off that you were having a fantastic weekend (without giving her a second's thought), and decided to take out her bad mood on you this morning. I'll bet you that she'll come around by mid-week, and you'll be friends again.;-)

- Sonya

Christy said...

Heheh this is why I love you to bits Sonya :)

Anonymous said...

mmmmwah! Mutual, dahhling.

- Sonya (too lazy to sign in to blogger)